Spring Web MVC framework

A Controller is typically responsible for preparing a model Map with data and selecting a view name .

Inversion of Control (IoC)

Early user interfaces were controlled by the application program. You can see commands like “Enter name”, “Enter address”; Your program would drive the prompts and pick…


We can implement 2 types of interface.

  1. javax.servlet.GenericServlet
  2. javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet

Life Cycle of Servlet

  1. First servlet is constructed, and initialized with init…


The two axes of flexbox:-

  1. The main axis is defined by flex direction which have 4 values:-

a. row

b. row-reverse

c. column

d. column-reverse

Normalization is the way to organize data in database.

It is used to remove insertion, updation and deletion anomalies.

Normal form is used to reduce redundancy from the database.

Types of Normal Forms:-

First criteria of 1NF is that table must contain atomic value.

Single attributes of a table can’t hold…

Time complexity

In simple words we can say that it tells how much time our program is taking to run.

Calculating time complexity:-

int i=0;

Here i variable is taking constant time. …

In this blog we are going to see about collections in java. So collection is a framework in java by which we can do many predefined task by using predefined methods in collection framework.

Array:- When we want to store more than one elements inside one reference then we use…

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Object-Oriented Programming is a programming paradigm which is based on the concept of objects. Here objects contains 2 things data and code. Data can be in the form of fields. In other words fields can be called attributes or properties.

Concepts in Object-Oriented Programming

  1. Object
  2. Class
  3. Inheritance
  4. Encapsulation
  5. Abstraction
  6. Polymorphism

1. Object:

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